Slurry pipes

  • Project "Slurry pipeline USP LLC" Eristovsky GOK "- Odessa (South port)

    Route selection, Development of investment feasibility study, Project (linear part), Engineering surveys, Working documentation

    Project customer: Eristivsky GOK LLC

    Year of implementation: 2011-2014

    The purpose of the project: hydraulic transport of iron ore concentrate with a solid phase concentration of 65% by weight from the mining and processing plant to the place of shipment.

    Main technical solutions:

    For the first time, a hydraulic transport system for pulp is being designed, which includes a pipeline for transporting concentrate (pulp pipeline) and a pipeline for transporting return water.

    Main technical characteristics:

    Transport capacity - 10 million tons / year

    The length of the hydraulic transport system is 401 km

    (slurry pipeline, water supply)


    - pulp pipeline - 450 mm

    - 600 mm return water pipeline

    Main pumping station - 1

    Intermediate pumping stations - 3

    End point – 1